Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Creation of the leather mask for the Disney's Beauty and the Beast stage production

For years I created masks from leather for many proffesional productions across the country. Fifteen years ago I set it aside to explore other areas of the arts. I was approached for this project and accepted it only to realized why I enjoyed leather mask making so much. I modeled the mask in these images but the mold was created from the actual actors face who will be using it in the stage production.

Final leather mask

Mold made from actors face

Plaster added to form the mold for the leather 

Side view of completed form for the leather

From View of the form for the leather

Wet leather over form

When the leather dries the nose can be sewn

Refine edges and detailes in the mask on the form

3/4 view after refinement

Straight on view of wet mask

Cut out eyes and nostrils,  folded and glued edges

Creating the jaw of mask

Dying the nose and upper mask 

Both parts together with foam teeth

Front view of both masks ready for more detailing work 

Completed mask 

Straight on view without emotion

Open mouth

Profile view

Profile showing jaw moving with the mouth so actor can talk and sing

3/4 view of final mask

A Photoshoped version of full costume for production

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  1. Fantastic! It is awesome to watch the mask from stage to stage!